Why Settle for Local Directories?
imagesAs a part-time writer and full-time student, I often spend my days typing in front of a computer. Nowadays, it is not difficult to be controlled by the influences of the Internet. My professor told me before that while technology has its advantages in society today, I should never let it control me, particularly my time. Indeed, I learned that I depend on the Internet for almost everything. This includes gaining information about a particular company when looking for a job. As the cursory background check is not enough, I would usually get all the details that I need from the Web, including the exact address and the contact details.
On the other hand, I also learned that search engines are not as reliable as the local directories. For example, if I’m looking for a local establishment that has an unpopular name, I can’t just look for it online and expect detailed results, right? Plus, when I’m in a hurry, being the impatient person that I am, I find it annoying that I have to open a lot of tabs just so I can access the information that I need. Fortunately, we now have the online yellow pages, which are basically local directories that are stored online.
What’s great about these local directories is that they have all the information that I would look for in any phonebook. From the complete name of the business down to the owner’s email address, I can be sure that all these details are up to date. Plus, since these most of our gadgets can access the Internet, I am assured that I have access to the listings wherever I am. I don’t need to open an actual computer or laptop just to look for people and places. With local directories reachable from my phone, contact details and addresses are literally at my fingertips.
Another great thing about local directories is that they contain all names of people and places within a local area, regardless of the popularity. Thus, I won’t find it difficult to look for the information of small-time businesses and shops. Plus, these pages today contain maps that will allow me to navigate from one place to another without having to stop and ask for directions.

Local Directories - Are They Worth It?
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